Young People’s Activities

Working with Young People 

We are currently funded by Children in Need and the Neath GP Cluster which enables us to provided dedicated services to young people receiving care and support and those with low level mental health needs.

We work with young people aged 7-18yrs to promote self-esteem, help them to make healthy life choices, build positive relationships and encourage and give them a sense of belonging. 

What we do

We work closely with local schools and youth organisations to support young people with general life skills, fitness, communication, team building and motivation. Through a variety of activities, we can help young people to build better peer relationships, resilience, self-esteem, confidence and 

Day Time Activity
Monday 09.00AM-12.00PM Bridges to a Brighter Future 16-24yrs not in employment, education or training. FREE Level 2 in Gym Instructing Certificate, 3 month gym membership

One to One Young Person Support First 8 Sessions- FREE



Bridges to a Brighter Future 16yrs-24yrs not in employment, education of training, FREE Fitness Level 1 in Fitness and Leisure Certificate, 3 month gym membership
  3.30PM-5.00PM Bulldogs After School Club 7-16yrs £1 A variety of activities including games, sports, cooking, nutrition, arts and crafts

Bulldogs After School Club 13-18yrs £1

Wednesday 3.30PM-4.30PM

One to One Young Person Support First 8 Sessions- FREE

Thursday 9.30AM-12.00PM

School Education and Engagement Activities Including Outside Activities around the local area


3.30PM-5.00PM BULLDOGS BIKING 7-16yrs £1 Learn how to fix and pimp up your bikes Bike Maintenance qualification for 14yrs+ Cycling
  1.30-2.30 School Fitness Activities