The Bulldogs is a partnership between
lead body Bulldogs Boxing & Community Activities and Port Talbot Boxing
Club. Together we are stronger, the Charity delivers the Bulldogs 5 Pillar
Programme whilst the boxing club delivers boxing as a competitive sport. Our
aim is to create Champions in the Ring and Champions in the Community through
harnessing the tools of boxing within a platform of change methodology where we
create  change in ‘How a young person
perceives themselves and of how others perceive them. 

The Charity delivers daytime activities focussed around The 5 Pillars which is a ‘mix and match’ Personal Development Pathway leading to tailored achievments. Our main focus is to provide a Platform of Change for young people aged 7 – 30yrs but we work with all ages. The Bulldogs is totally inclusive and we are proud to work with all members of our community. 

We work within a multiple partnership CoProduction approach within our Support Services Pillar. The Bulldogs does not replicate – we enhance partnerships creating very strong working relationships. 

Bulldogs 5 Pillar Programme

Supporting your Success

Personal Development Open Access Education Employment and Training Fitness and Boxing Support services
  • Mentoring
  • Confidence & Self Image
  • Motivation
  • Encouragement
  • Life Skills
  • Values
  • Free Access to under 30's (1-5pm)
  • Fitness & Lifestyle Support
  • Afterschool Drop In
  • Boxing Taster
  • Partnership Working
  • Upskilling
  • Employment Support
  • Job Related Qualifications
  • Access to local employers
  • Partnership working
  • Volunteering & Work Placements
  • All shapes & sizes
  • Suits all fitness levels
  • Belief & Discipline
  • Confidence & Motivation
  • Competitive & Non Contact
  • “Not just a gym”
  • Community Mentors
  • Youth & Children's Organisations
  • Support Organisations
  • Employment & Training Agencies
  • Armed Forces

Bulldogs 5 Pillar Activities

The 5 Pillar programme has been adapted to work with specific groups over and above our main target group which includes:

  • Bulldogs Employability Pathway – A partnership with Jobcentreplus. We provide extensive employment / training support from our dedicated Employability Pillar. This is a very successful arm of The Bulldogs and is growing week on week with success for all ages.
  • Bulldogs Well-being – Tailored exercise and nutrition programmes creating ahelthier community. There is something for everyone at The Bulldogs starting from the most basic form of exercise upoto high intensity programmes.
  • SSAFA  / Bulldogs Armed Forces Drop-In. This is a multi-agency approach to helping those who have or are currently serving within the Armed Forces. We also help young people into the services through our employability pathway.
  • Bulldogs Laces group. A partnership with NPTCBC Looked After Children’s Education Services. Providing Social, Emotional and behavioural skills change.
  • Young offenders – Partnership with Western Bay Youth Justice. Creating exit strategies for young offenders. Using the discipline of boxing to help steer young offenders away from future crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • The Bulldogs provides a platform for over 30 organisations working in partnership to provide a fighting chance in life for the next generations in and around the Port Talbot areas of Swansea Bay Region.
  • Bulldogs Boxfit –