Neath GP Cluster Young People’s Programme

Mental Health Needs are recognised more and more in our young people. The Bulldogs is working with the Neath GP Cluster to help young people with anxiety and depression gain confidence, make friends and feel a sense of belonging.

If you have a young person who is registered with  any of the following surgeries,  have low level mental health needs and is between 7-18 years of age you can ask to be referred to us for FREE sessions-either for one-one fitness mentoring or to take part in our Mind Fit Sessions. 

  • Tabernacle

  • Alfred Street

  • Waterside

  • Skewen

  • Wilkes & Partners

  • Castle

  • Victoria Gardens

  • Dyfed Road

 Sessions involve fitness activities, non-contact boxing, games, sports and team building exercises as well as elements of mindfulness. These sessions are kept to small groups and are closed to the public, aiming to help young people feel safe and relaxed and help young people to recognise and address their feelings. We can also offer 1-1 assistance for young people who are not ready for group work.