Bulldogs Community Development Programme

Our Purpose

The Bulldogs will deliver its Community Development Programme to the local community. This ‘Mix & Match’ programme can be tailored to every individual who requires support. We want to create Champions in the Ring and Champions in Life by developing a disciplined, motivated positive pathway into responsible lifestyles. We are a community-focused organisation, the main groups we support are:

Young People  

We want to support all young people to give them chance to fight for a better future. We provide: •    Bulldogs F@B 1:1’s: Working with children, young people and their families, providing support in the community. An 8-week structured programme of 1:1 sessions with our trained staff to work on confidence and personal development.

  • Bulldogs F@B Club: An after-school programme that supports young people within the community. We work with multiple agencies including GP surgeries and NPT Youth Service to support children with low-level mental health issues, additional needs, and other issues. Fun activities based around boxing and fitness.
  • Bulldogs Bridges: Our education programme that supports young people into employment. We work with them to provide essential skills needed to get ahead in life, helping to break the cycle of youth unemployment and offering volunteering opportunities to young people.
  • Bulldogs Bike Club: An 8-week Bike Maintenance qualification, working with children and young people to enable them to understand how to fix and maintain their bike. They will complete an accredited qualification as well as making friends and forming relationships. 
  • Champs Camp: Our school holiday programme to support local young people in the community. We offer a range of activities including boxing, fitness activities, assault course activities, day trips, arts & crafts, dancing, singing.

Armed Forces Veterans

We are linked with SSAFA, the Armed Forces Covenant & the Armed Forces Foundation, we provide various services to all Veterans, which include:

  • A first point of contact for veterans
  • Weekly drop in sessions
  • Veterans Allotment
  • Walking Group
  • Free gym membership
  • Benefit, pension, housing, employment support and mental health support.
  • Signposting – 12 partner organisations to support Veterans and their families.