About Us
Who Are We

The Bulldogs is a Partnership between Bulldogs Boxing & Community Activities (Registered Charity Number 1156591) and Port Talbot Amateur Boxing Club.

The Charity delivers our community focused activities whilst the Boxing Club delivers the sport.

The Bulldogs is a Community Development Centre, based around a Boxing Club and has been formed to give the people of Port Talbot and its surrounding area a fighting chance in life by supporting positive life choices. The Bulldogs use the power of Boxing to involve, educate and inspire young people and their families through our broad 5 Pillar Personal Development Programme. 


The Bulldogs Boxing & Community Development Centre is inspirational, motivating and extraordinary from the moment you enter. It has been designed to create ‘Champions in the Ring and Champions in our Community’. It is a Centre of Opportunity for young people and their families at a time when many other facilities are closing and public sector services are diminishing. It brings people together to make an outstanding and lasting difference to local people’s lives. It is the first of its kind in Wales and is a member of the prestigous Fight for Peace Global Alumni Parthership (www.fightforpeace.net)

Together We Are Stronger