Creating Champions in the Ring, Champions in Our Community

The Bulldogs has been formed to give the next generation of young people from Port Talbot and its surrounding areas, a fighting chance in life. Many young people face barriers and challenges in their everyday life. At The Bulldogs we aim to support them in making positive choices and changes to develop into responsible citizens.

The Bulldogs is a Partnership between Bulldogs Boxing & Community Activities (Registered Charity Number 1156591) and Port Talbot Amateur Boxing Club.

The Charity delivers our community focussed activities whilst the Boxing Club delivers the sport.

We are an innovative partnership which has the vision to create something special. We have harnessed the powerful tools of Boxing, alongside supporting personal development through The Bulldogs 5 Pillar Personal Development Programme. Whilst our main priority is focussed on aged 7-30yrs, we provide activities for all ages within a very diverse, inclusive and friendly culture.

We have grown from within the community of Port Talbot and have kept our roots. Lived in experiences means we can relate to issues surrounding our next generation. We are proud to be rooted in the community with strong connections to the people that live here and a multitude of partner organisations.


The Bulldogs also has a very strong partnership with SSAFA, where we work together to help those who are serving or who have served in the Armed Forces.

If you are a Veteran, The SSAFA / Bulldogs  Drop-In is every Friday at 11.00am. We can also help Veterans with employment or other forms of support. 

All activitites for Veterans are FREE at The Bulldogs.

      95% Positive outcomes – 88% have improved confidence

‘The Bulldogs is making a huge positive influence on young people in our community. So positive and welcoming’


Our Mission

Creating ‘Champions in the Ring and Champions in th Community’

Bulldogs 5 Pillar Programme

The ‘Bulldogs 5 Pillars Programme’ is open to all members.

It is a “mix and match personal development programme” designed to suit individuals. Each of the Pillars can be accessed at any time, using as much or as little support as they want. The programme is open to employed and unemployed people regardless of where they live.

Our main focus is young people aged 7 -30yrs (although support is available for all ages). Many  come from disadvantaged backgrounds but we do not focus on the negatives. The Bulldogs believe every person can achieve success with the right guidance, support and motivation which are available within the 5 Pillars.

The ‘Bulldogs 5 Pillars Programme’ is open to all members.

As members of the Fight for Peace Global Alumni Partnership (  we work alongside 0ver 100 organisations worldwide sharing information and best practices.

The 5 Pillars are set out below. (For mobile phones – please scroll across)

Personal Development Open Access Education Employment and Training Fitness and Boxing Support services
  • Mentoring
  • Confidence & Self Image
  • Motivation
  • Encouragement
  • Life Skills
  • Values
  • Free Access to under 30’s (1-5pm)
  • Fitness & Lifestyle Support
  • Afterschool Drop In
  • Boxing Taster
  • Partnership Working
  • Upskilling
  • Employment Support
  • Job Related Qualifications
  • Access to local employers
  • Partnership working
  • Volunteering & Work Placements
  • All shapes & sizes
  • Suits all fitness levels
  • Belief & Discipline
  • Confidence & Motivation
  • Competitive & Non Contact
  • “Not just a gym”
  • Community Mentors
  • Youth & Children’s Organisations
  • Support Organisations
  • Employment & Training Agencies
  • Armed Forces

Social Update

Get behind The Bulldogs. Play Your Part. Lots of events coming up including our Annual Winter Boxing Tournament in December.