Working with Young People  

We are currently funded by Children in Need which enables us to provided dedicated services to young people receiving care and support.

We also have funding from the Neath GP Cluster – working with young people with low level mental health. 

We work with young people aged 7-18yrs to promote Confidence, Good Life Choices and give a sense of belonging. 

We work with a number of departments within Social Services and other youth organisations to support their young people – NPT’s Engagement & Participation Officer, Team Around the Family Cwrt Sart Team, Fast Team, Route 16, ABCUK, Youth Offending Team  and the Youth Service. 

What we do

Young People’s Activities – £1.00  –    The group take part in numerous sports, games, arts and crafts, activities and cooking. Snacks are provided and the facility is closed to the public during this session.

3.30pm-415pm – 13-16yrs

4.30pm-5.15pm – 7-12yrs

1-1 MentoringFirst 8 FREE for those receiving care and support. Offering 1-1 fitness sessions for those who are not ready to be part of larger groups, using fitness and the tools of boxing (non contact) to help build confidence, resilience and have fun. 

Bulldogs Champs CampDuring the school holidays, Bulldogs will run Activity weeks between the times of 8.30am-3.00pm for those aged 7-14yrs of age. Activities include days out, scavenger hunts, cinema, orienteering, arts and crafts, cooking, fitness games, non-contact boxing and visits from local services such as The Police, Armed Forces and Fire Brigade who provide a variety of activities to join in with.   Champs Camp is Open to All Young People. 

Coming Soon – Bike Club – £1.00  –  7yrs+ The group take part in Bike Maintenance activities, cyclung and for those aged 14yrs + can obtain an Agored Accredited Qualification. 

We have engaged with 72 looked after children to date.