The Bulldogs is much more than a boxing club, we have harnessed the tools of boxing to provide something for everyone. We have a variety of classes to suit all fitness levels and the 5 Pillar Programme offers incredible flexibility to help you progress either through fitness and /or lifestyles with help into employment and qualifications.

Class Sessions



There is something for everyone at The Bulldogs with a warm welcome and a cuppa afterwards. Make new friends and get in shape.

Early Birds Session 

6.00AM-7.00AM  Every Day – Mondays to Fridays

Circuits Classes

9.15AM-10.15AM Every Day – Mondays to Fridays

Not So Fit Class

 10.30AM – 11.30AM  Every Day – Mondays to Fridays

Free Open Access 

12.00-1.00PM every day  – Mondays to Fridays – Free access to the gym for those up to the age of 30yrs.


10.30-11.30AM Mondays and Friday

5.30PM Tuesdays  


5.00-6.00PM Tuesdays and Thursdays

Parent and Toddler Physical Literacy

10.00 – 10.45AM Wednesdays (for 2-3yrs of age)

Bulldogs Fitbug

11.00AM-12.00PM  Wednesday (excercise with your little one in their buggy).

One to One sessions can be arranged-please phone us on 01639 820 103 to book your appointment. 

There are no contracts just pay as you go monthly (£20.00) or day by day (£3.00 per session or £5.00 for one to one). Remember the more money we bring in the more you help us to help disadvantaged young people in the area.


Some of our boxers proudly showing off before a tournament. These lads train very hard to get ready to box.

 5.15 – 6.15PM  – Port Talbot ABC Juniors Boxing

6.00 – 8.00PM – Port Talbot ABC Seniors Boxing

£2.00 a session or £5.00 a week.