The Bulldogs is much more than a boxing club we have harnessed the tools of boxing to provide something for everyone. We have a variet of fitness levels to suity you and the 5 Pillar Programme offers incredible flexibility to help you progress either through fitness and /or lifestyles with help into employment and qualifications.

Class Sessions


Some of our boxers proudly showing off before a tournament. These lads train very hard to get ready to box.

Fitness classes are varied and non-contact ranging from high intensity to our popoular ‘not so fit’ classes and individual one2one sessions. We really are a community focussed gym that has embraced what the real people in our community want.

There is something for everyone at The Bulldogs with a warm welcome and a cuppa afterwards. Make new friends and get in shape.

There are no contracts just pay as you go monthly or day by day. Remember the more money we bring ion the more you help us to helpo disadvantaged young people in the area.