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Our challenge is to give the next generation a fighting chance in life through harnessing the power of boxing within our 5 Pillar Programme. We achieve this by reducing inequalities and increasing levels of confidence and motivation, by inspiring success through using Boxing and it’s non-contact techniques as a motivational tool.

Through a multi agency approach which maximizes the potential of working alongside over 30 other organisations we provide tailored pathways for our members to access employment , education and well-being support.

The 5 Pillar programme has been designed to use boxing / fitness as a hook of engagement to increasing skills and employment opportunities by connecting people to the world of work by helping them to develop personal and social skills, improving their employability skills by providing real-life learning experiences and offering vocational and technical qualifications.

We improve lifestyles by creating happier and healthier families by helping to improve attitudes and behaviours, health and well-being, strengthening family units and enhancing community spirit. We provide inclusive sport and play opportunities from an early age inspiring greater participation and achievement.

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