Support Services

We work with over 50 Partner Organisations who can either refer you to us or  we can refer you to them for further support. Complimenting, not duplicating-working together to build a more cohesive community.   

Armed Forces Community

The Bulldogs, together with SSAFA,  hold an Armed Forces Drop-in every Friday between 10.00AM-1.00PM. This is a great opportunity for Armed Forces Veterans to get together over a cuppa and share stories.  Armed Forces Veterans can also access help from other Support Agencies that we work closely with as well as accessing our Employment and Training Pillar with our dedicated employment mentor. To date,  Bulldogs has helped 13 Armed Forces Veterans into Employment. 

Armed Forces Veterans and those still serving can access our gym facility for FREE at any time.  

Employment Support Organisations

We are able to provide employment support to anyone-no matter your address, employment status or age. We also work with other employment support groups such as Workways, Communities For Work, Workways+ and PACE who are also able to provide support in this area, funding for further training and childcare support. All organisations will work together to help you in your journey through the world of work.   

We also have links with organisations such as Healthy Working Wales who can help those who are in employment but suffering with ill health (physical and emotional).

Children Support Services 

We work with a number of departments within Social Services and other youth organisations who work with children receiving care and support such as NPT’s Engagement & Participation Officer, TAF, Cwrt Sart Team, Fast Team, Route 16, ABCUK and the Youth Service. 

We have a group session here at The Bulldogs every Tuesday afternoon- The F@B group  which is specifically for Looked After Children.  This is funded by Children in Need and  is a FREE service.  The facility is closed to the public during their time here. The group take part in numerous sports, games and activities which are aimed at building confidence, helping children feel a sense of belonging and helping them learn to make better life choices. We also offer 1-1 mentoring with young people who are not confident in group settings. 

We have engaged with 72 looked after children to date.

Neath GP Cluster

If you are with any of the following surgeries,  have low level mental health needs and you are between 7-18 years of age you can ask to be referred to us for FREE sessions-either for one-one fitness mentoring or to take part in our Mind Fit Sessions. 

  • Tabernacle

  • Alfred Street

  • Waterside

  • Skewen

  • Wilkes & Partners

  • Castle

  • Victoria Gardens

  • Dyfed Road

There are Mind Fit classes available FREE for all ages and abilities however. Please see Fitness and Boxing for details. 

Local Schools

We work closely with a number of local schools, providing additional support to those disengaging from education. To date 63 pupils have engaged in positive activities specifically targeted at their engagement within the 5 pillars targeting school engagement, improving behavior and attitude and reducing aggression.  Over 100 pupils have engaged with other activities we have provided. 

We are delivering fitness and well-being classes, life skills sessions and accredited OCN qualifications. We also deliver outreach sessions, providing fitness session, team building workshops and employment support within schools.

We have after school GET ACTIVE classes, working closely with Street Games to provide easily accessible sports and activities to the local youth. These are Mondays and Wednesdays 4-5pm. 

Young Offenders

We support young people who are working with the Western Bay Youth Justice Team and Hillside Secure Unit. Either providing support here or at their premises. Bulldogs prides itself in being an inclusive organisation and aims to give young people a fighting chance in life and help decrease anti-social behavior. As with the schools, Bulldogs can help with fitness and well-being, life skills, employment support and education. We have engaged with 111 Young Offenders to date.