The Bulldogs

The Bulldogs is a Partnership between Bulldogs Boxing & Community Activities (Registered Charity Number 1156591) and Port Talbot Amateur Boxing Club.

The Charity delivers our community focused activities whilst the Boxing Club delivers the sport.

The Bulldogs is a Community Development Centre, based around a Boxing Club and has been formed to give the people of Port Talbot and its surrounding area a fighting chance in life by supporting positive life choices. We have harnessed the powerful tools of Boxing, alongside supporting personal development through The Bulldogs 5 Pillar Development Programme. 


The 5 Pillar Programme

The ‘Bulldogs 5 Pillar Programme’ is open to all members. It is a “mix and match personal development programme” designed to suit individuals. Each of the Pillars can be accessed at any time, using as much or as little support as they want.

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Personal Development Open Access Education Employment and Training Fitness and Boxing Support services
  • Mentoring
  • Confidence & Self Image
  • Motivation
  • Encouragement
  • Life Skills
  • Values
  • Free Access to under 30’s (1-5pm)
  • Fitness & Lifestyle Support
  • Afterschool Drop In
  • Boxing Taster
  • Partnership Working
  • Upskilling
  • Employment Support
  • Job Related Qualifications
  • Access to local employers
  • Partnership working
  • Volunteering & Work Placements
  • All shapes & sizes
  • Suits all fitness levels
  • Belief & Discipline
  • Confidence & Motivation
  • Competitive & Non Contact
  • “Not just a gym”
  • Community Mentors
  • Youth & Children’s Organisations
  • Support Organisations
  • Employment & Training Agencies
  • Armed Forces

Who do we work with?

Whilst our main priority is focused on aged 7-30yrs, we provide activities for all ages within a very diverse, inclusive and friendly culture. You can be employed, unemployed and live in any area-there is no criteria.  

For the different services we provide including the support we  provide for Children receiving Care and Support  Local Schools and Armed Forces Veterans and Fitness, please go to the Our Services tab on this site.


Social Update

The Bulldogs will be closed during these unprecedented times, HOWEVER, please check out our Facebook page  – Bulldogs Boxing & Community Activities or Instagram page bulldogsbca for online fitness activities and health and well-being tips. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to capture what it would mean to you in the community if Bulldogs were to close for good? Your comments would help us prove the need for our work going going forward. Please go to the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website to leave a comment or visit our Facebook page.

Down but not out – Together we are Stronger!

      Positive outcomes – Improved confidence

‘The Bulldogs is making a huge positive influence on young people in our community. So positive and welcoming’


Our Motto

Giving People a Fighting Chance in Life.